Drupal CI - The Mixed Salad (Drupal CI from Development to Release)


The session is about how users can implement their own Drupal Continuous Integration (CI) process using open source tools and how we can integrate the tools to create a complete CI process from Development to release.


In the session I will explain how to use Drush Make to manage dependencies and Drush Deploy to build the final bundle for your application. Thereafter, validate, test and run automated testing scripts with Behat. Finally deploy to the target server (using Drush alias files). Most importantly, I will explain how to automate the entire process using Jenkins. The session will include the following sub topics:

  • My toolkit - What open source tools are used for different aspects
  • The workflow - What needs to be done and how
  • The coupling - Tying the tools together
  • The beginning and the end - How to run the process
  • The Easter eggs – Advantages of the process

So come learn how to create a simple but great CI process using just Drush, Drush Deploy, GIT, BEHAT (DrupalExtension) and Jenkins.  Using this process you can Install, Validate and Test your Drupal application without any manual intervention at all.

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Coding and Development

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