Drupal as a platform for Digital Government

  • What does government want from a digital platform and how can Drupal meet those needs?
  • Where does Drupal excel, where does it fail?
  • How do we make Drupal a better tool for Government?

Much has been made of Drupal's suitability as a platform for the delivery of Government services, but how appropriate is it and what kinds of projects is it suitable for? This session will examine the various ways in which Drupal can be used for public sector projects, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as some strategies for promoting Drupal to the public sector. It will draw on experiences from the Australian govCMS project, the aGov distribution, and a decade of public sector Drupal experience.

Christopher Skene is one of Australia's leading Drupal professionals with nearly a decade delivering public sector solutions. Skene was a key technical architect on the Australian Government's Drupal-based whole-of-government govCMS, product lead on the aGov distribution, and founded the DrupalGov project. He consults to governments and public sector agencies on leveraging open source software. Skene currently works for Australian digital agency Komosion as Platform Director.


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