Drupal Search, Search API and Apache Solr


Search is one of the most important part of nearly all web sites, having an efficient and relevant search ensures users find engaging content quickly. This improves both user engagement and makes it possible to find engaging content which may not be visible with usual linking strategy.

This talk would be a  deep dive into the core framework that Drupal provides for searching content, and how it can be extended. We will then look into Search API module as an example, and how it provides a framework for integrating third party search products into Drupal and explain integration with Apache Solr. We will also look into views integration, how you can create beautiful pages, blocks - even with DB load and queries being slow!

It would be all about How we can improve Drupal Search (with or without integrations) and what we can achieve with it.


  • Drupal Core Search

  • Search API and third party integrations

  • What is Apache Solr?

  • Limitation of Drupal default search

  • Benefits of using Solr

  • Key Solr features

  • Faceted Search

  • Solr and Views

  • Pro Tips for integration

    Let us search, the Drupal Way.


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Site Building

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