Drupal Theming - Than & Now

Lets look back in the past and see how we were creating base/sub-themes in the pre-drupal 8 era, now that we have Drupal 8 at our door, let's then update ourselves and see how theming is done in Drupal 8.


This session will walk you through the old D7 theming system and the new D8 system of creating a base/sub-theme. We will see in detail what has been changed in the Drupal 8 theme layer comparing to it's past. We will then move towards the structure of the Drupal 8 theme layer and steps to get started with these changes. This is also a small hands-on session on how to use the Drupal 8 theme layer and make it your next habit.


When you leave this session, you will have brief knowledge about the Drupal 8 theme layer, what has been changed from the past and how to get started with Drupal 8 theming easily.


This track will cover a high-level topics:
  • Creating base/sub-theme in D7
  • The structure of Drupal 8 theme layer
  • Comparison of old & D8 theme layer
  • What are the major points to take care to get started Drupal 8 theming
  • Hands-on to create your first Drupal 8 sub-theme.

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