Embracing Open Source to Grow and Transform Your Career and Company

Drupal is one of the largest and most successful open source projects, and much of our success is due to the vibrant and thriving community of contributors who make the platform what it is – the individuals who help put on Drupal Conferences and events, the documentation writers, the designers and usability experts, the developers who help write the software, and countless others. But why do people and organizations contribute to Drupal? and why should you and your organization get more invovled? 
This talk outlines the business rationale for contributing to open source projects. I'll discuss why you and your organization should get more involved in contributing to Drupal – it is not about altruism – getting involved will take your career to the next level and drive the growth of your business. We’ll discuss how participating in open source projects like Drupal will help you transform your career, grow your bottom line, drive new business, and help you and your teams execute, covering real world examples, and leave you with a clear path to getting more engaged in the areas that will help you and help Drupal.

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