An Engagement Manager's experience of Site Building in Drupal 8


If you have never built a site in Drupal and are thinking of taking the plunge with Drupal 8 and you want to know how it went for someone in your shoes over the past 4 months, this is your session!

At the time of submitting this session I am 1 week into building my first ever Drupal site (not just in D8 but first ever site in Drupal...!). During this session I plan to take you through the journey that started at the end of October 2015 and demo the final product (hopefully it would be finished by then!). I wont be looking at code, wont be telling you about the new modules in Core, it is all new to me, I will be simply sharing the journey. 

This is a session for novice site builders by a novice site builder! I am not an engineer! I am a program manager and an Agile SCRUM coach!  Enough said I think!


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Site Building

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