Features for Drupal 8


Features module is widely used in Drupal 7 to export configuration and deployment. With CMI in Drupal 8 core, do we still need features module? And the answer is *Yes* and this session will answer the need for features in Drupal 8. 

Topics Included
  • Features in Drupal 7 world: The module and use cases. Thought features was initially built to package Drupal entities which taken together satisfy a certain use-case but was exploited to ease deployment in Drupal 7 along with other modules like Strongarm.
  • Features in Drupal 8 world: With CMI in place, why is features still required. 8.x version of features module would be demoed.
  • CMI vs Features in Drupal 8: Both CMI and features can be used parallely in Drupal 8. Usecase of when to use Features or CMI would be covered.



Session Track

Site Building

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