Field API is dead, long live Entity Field API


It is now a well known fact that the forthcoming Drupal 8 release brings massive API changes. Field API was not left behind - it was in fact almost completely rewritten. This session will present the major improvements to the way you will work and code with entities and fields in D8, that will make you wish you never have to work on a D7 site again.

  • New field types shipped in core
  • Better DX for working with field values in entities
  • Unification of "base" fields (node title...) and "configurable fields"
  • Integration with the configuration system ("CMI") for easier deployability
  • Everything as plugin classes: field types, widgets, formatters
  • and more...

Whether you're a coder or site builder, fields are one of the essential pieces of your Drupal site, so everyone is more than welcome to join !

After 3 years giving various sessions on this topic, this will be the first time where we don't have to warn the people that API's might still change, we're finally there!

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