Fighting Burnout From The Inside


A recent survey has shown that 7 out of 10 Drupal contributors suffer from Burnout. When burnout sets in, challenges seem insurmountable. With this exhaustive mindset, it’s difficult for anyone to muster up enough positive energy. If this persists, so will a growing sense of detachment. Burnout can eventually threaten job security, relationships, and overall health. But now, members of our community need to fight burnout without decreasing productivity.

This is something that needs to be acknowledged and dealt with at an organizational level. We’ve discovered that having a life coach on your team can enable your organization to fight burnout from the inside.

  • PREVENTION: an internal human resource can help distinguish signs

  • FOCUS: insights enable team members to apply constructive lenses on critical thoughts, beliefs and attitudes

  • EMPOWERMENT: coaching can facilitate shifts, taking individuals from victimhood, disillusionment, frustration or anger to enthusiasm and belief in the power of choice

  • ENCOURAGEMENT: oftentimes, team members know what they’re capable of accomplishing, but are nevertheless resistant—coaching can help break through resistance

  • HOLISM: with life coaching, your team can build up resilience by addressing employee health holistically

Join, Mridula and Nitika, and learn how by ways such as these and more, a life coach can help maximize your team's productivity while fighting burnout from the inside.

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