Full Power Views in Drupal 8

Leon Kessler

Views is an essential part of every Drupal developers toolbox, even more so now that it's part of Drupal 8 core.

This session will cover some of the more advanced use cases, and how to tackle them with Views.  We will use a series of scenarios and look at the different ways to approach them.

Topics will include...

  • The Views Drupal 8 plugin system - we will go through a range of Views plugins and how to use them to get Views to do exactly what you want.  This will free you from relying on hooks to hack into Views, and instead help you write re-usable code that is Views friendly.

  • Rendering with Views - Views is also a powerful way to render content, the field display is often (over) used to define layouts.  We will look at when this practise is a good idea, and when it can have negative consequences.

  • Caching and performance - how to get your Views to perform nicely.   Using caching (in which we will demonstrate a Views cache plugin), and debugging using tools such as Views Query Debug (a module written by the speaker).

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Coding and Development

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