Google Summer of Code and Code-In


Attend this presentation to learn first hand from students and mentors who have contributed to Drupal's GSoC and GCI initiative.

Did you know Drupal participates in Google's Summer of Code and Code-In programs each year? GSoC is a global program that pays students to write code for open source projects and GCI is a contest for students age 13-17 competing to win a trip to Google in California.

Surprisingly the top number of participating students in GSoC are from India (335 out of 1051) and it is important to note that GSoC is a fairly popular topic among students in the area. Drupalcon Asia is the perfect venue to educate our community with the amazing achievements our initiative has produced and most importantly promote to attendees.

Drupal's GSoC accomplishments?? This presentation will document our feats of strength, but as a preview, in 2015 GSoC students ported many of our commonly used modules to Drupal 8 including quicktabs, siteaudit, securityreview, and print. Not to mention students created modules new to Drupal such as Hawk authentication, urlembed, and a framework for AI testing. Did I mention that every student in 2015 became a core contributor prior to start of summer?

Drupal's GCI accomplishments?? Not only did several high school students become core contributors. but many more tested and even patched bugs in our issue queues. Growth is critical to any community and the technical abilities of these young programmers needs to be utilized within our community. We can only hope these amazing students stick around our community.

In summary, learn about work done by the future generation of developers who will probably steal your job and how we can embrace their talent to ensure Drupal has a long standing future in open source and GSoC/GCI.

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