Guiding a government: Helping Australia adopt Drupal

In 2015, the Australian Government launched govCMS, a CMS-plus-Cloud SaaS and PaaS offering, that blew away the cobwebs of concern about Drupal, open source and cloud. More than just a Drupal distribution, the Government-run govCMS program addressed all of the reasons why government agencies couldn't previously adopt Drupal.

In this business session, we’ll talk about the journey we took from prospecting and marketing through to the RFP and award, in a landscape of shifting Policy. We'll also look into how we've supported the government post-sale with program management, and addressed the challenges faced in driving adoption of Drupal for Federal, State and Local government agencies.

This session will be of interest if you are looking to grow your business, develop partnerships, and manage subcontractors ranging from Drupal experts to broader digital agencies. You'll walk away with strategic sales advice as well as tips on sales and marketing when approaching enterprise opportunities in government and other verticals.

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