A Healthy Business for a Sustainable Drupal


Without a sustainable Drupal project, Drupal-specialist companies would have a very limited or disjointed future.

PreviousNext recognised this during the early years of Drupal 8's development and decided to make contributing to Drupal a core part of our business strategy. This resulted in our relatively small Australian company being credited as one of the top 3 companies globally contributing to Drupal 8, and ensuring our team was ready to start building Drupal 8 sites from well before day one.

This session will focus on how running a healthy business can provide the opportunity to sustain the Drupal project in significant ways, and the topics covered in the talk will include:

  • Ensuring healthy business fundamentals
  • Structuring your company to contribute to Drupal
  • The broader benefits of giving back to your team, clients and the community

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