How to build a sustainable contribution culture in your organization


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The success of any opensource technology depends on how active the community is and the reason why Drupal is so successful is because of the community. Community is not just the users but organizations(product or service companies) using Drupal as a technology stack make an integral part of the community. Technical capability of any organisation can be easily figured out by their contributions towards Opensource technology they use. This session would focus on key insights on how to build a sustainable contributions culture within your organization.

Key Insights
  • Ways to get involved: How can an organization get involved in contributions?
  • Why get involved: Benefits an organization and it's employees get by getting involved in the community
  • Pros and cons of full time drupal core contributor
  • Building a sustainable contribution culture in your organization: We would take the use case of my current organization(Srijan Technologies) and discuss how we enabled around 60% of our Drupal Team to contribute to Drupal 8 core and highlight key challenges faced during the process and the reasons we believe we have built a sustainable contribution culture in our organization. It would be a candid talk where I would highlight why we refrained from employing a full time drupal developer.
  • The session would also cover how we onboarded new folks into contributions. The new folks were not just devs but QA guys as well and the excitement felt by the QA guys when they saw their names in commit messages.

This session is open for all. Users would learn ways to contribute and probably we can have a healthy discussion on contributions and see if we could come to a better conclusion and figure out more sustainable contribution culture.


The following tweet by Dries would make this more exciting :)

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02/20/2016 - 14:45-02/20/2016 - 15:45
Hall 22 | TATA Consultancy Services