How Progressively Decoupled Drupal and BigPipe will make your site Fly!


In the last couple of years you have heard more about decoupled Drupal and what it is. Like with any approach there are advantanges and disadvantages of decoupled Drupal. To start with you wont be able to use most of the built in functinality of Drual front end.
Here we will explore a way to get the Best of both worlds.
Here we will talk about how Drupal enables us to implement a partial decoupling letting us to use the available out of the box functionalitties and taking advantage of Serivices in Drupal8 along with Bigpipe makes your webste fly.

Big pipe is an alterntative approach of how web pages are served in a traditional webserver. In this approach each page is divided into multiple pagelets/blocks and pipelined in the server and browser in multiple stages. This will enable us to load and render the most important pieces of the page first and then fetching remaining parts of the page, which will improve the perceived performance of a page compared to the traditional page serving system where you need to wait until everything is loaded and rendered to consume the content.

Facebook has been using this approach for serving the pages for a long time now with a great deal of success interms of users perceived performance. In this session we will discuss in detail about what Bigpipe is and how it is implemented with Drupal 8.

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