How to sell in India?: Story of growing my company India business by 600% in 2 years


I have seen tremendous growth in India since past two years. With enterprises embracing Drupal it’s been a great ride.

Few things that I would cover in the session:

  • How CMO of an enterprise startup in India converted from Joomla to Drupal to build strong user communities. Touched a million page views in 4 weeks launch. What made them go from no budgets to approving budgets for 36 man-months?
  • Indian Marketing head of a group worth 19 billion euros believed on us to build their digital experience on Drupal; result: organic leads increased by 300%
  • An enterprise HealthCare startup choose Srijan for their Drupal and Agile expertise. How did we sell the story?
  • Govt wanted to build one of the most trafficked websites in India. How did we do it?
  • Drupal Commerce is a great piece of software. How about multiple merchants, multiple stores? And how about we start with 1 million SKU’s and 250,000 merchants already in place. Exciting isn’t it
  • 2nd largest online ticketing company in India chooses Drupal over Sitecore. What made them go with Drupal?
  • India's largest product company moved thousands of faq pages and 26 marketing websites on Drupal. A fight between Crownpeak and Drupal. How did we win the deal?
  • Indian Media industry success stories with Drupal

With above examples these insights would be available with the audience:

  • How to deal with complex purchase process of Indian enterprises? How to handle capex?
  • CMO’s: The language, need and what made them go with Drupal?
  • CIO’s vs CMO’s: when to target whom?
  • Pricing in Indian market. How to compete with competitors with low-cost proposals? How to sell on premium? (Srijan in all cases outbid their competitors with a cost difference of at least 2x-3x).
  • Meaningful Conversations vs Meetings; what works in India?
  • Importance of a strong qualification criteria in Indian market.

PS: Made some edits to remove Srijan name from the session. I reckon company branding would not be preferred in the sessions. 

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