Hybrid Testing (Data + Keyword Driven) using Selenium

Hybrid testing is a combination of Data Driven testing along with keyword. Here we’ll use some keywords as the driving parameters in data driven testing the data sheet. The keywords will be defined by the user, and let’s call them user defined keywords.

The list of files that will be required in addition to selenium client driver and selenium server jar files are as below

  1. JXL: in order to use Microsoft Excel files as data source we would need the jxl jar file which can be downloaded fromhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/jexcelapi/files/
  2. TestNG plugin for Eclipse: This will be required to run the TestNG scripts in eclipse and the content of this plugin has to be placed inside the “dropin” folder inside the eclipse directory. The file can be downloaded fromhttp://testng.org/doc/download.html

The first  file need to be added to the build path in the project in eclipse to use them. The second  file needs to extracted in the dropin folder of the eclipse folder so that when you open the droping folder, a plugin folder is created inside it. This is all about configuration that is required for such testing.

Now how to do testing using this framework. Now to test our client website, where we’ll use the keyword ‘openBrowser’ ,'enterUrl' and many more to drive our test. So to do this, we need to place this keywords in the data sheet. This will decide the action when the  keywords is passed to the program. The corresponding cell values for that particular row will be used for different operations on the same. 


On the basis of keywords passed in the data sheets ,test cases will be executed.It also supports multiple testCases in one workbook.This framework is developed by me in such a way user who has very less coding language can simply update its testCase sheet and append it to the main workbook by using already userdefined variable.It also supports multiple workbooks.


At the end,we will get 3 output i.e reports in XLS format,full page app screenshots in zipped folder,reports in HTML format in the email.

We wil get separate emails for each workbook having these three output separately for each workbook.

3 kinds of outputs in a separate email for separate workbook.

Output Report:Pass and Fail flag will come depending on your test case results in the ouptut report with proper reasons of failure.Also overall and separate Pass and Fail count.

All test Cases results full page screnshots in a zipped folder.

HTML Reports can be opend in any browser like chrome etc.

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