The importance of self-development and growth


What people do at work is a reflection of how they are in life. People lose the pursuit of excellence, lose their passions as they go along in life. The single reason for this is that they start to shirk 'responsibility' -- of the choices they make, of their career decisions, of how they conduct themselves at work, their relationships with their bosses & peers & spouses, and of  how they conduct their lives. 

Most of us then start to wait for a stroke of luck, a change of destiny, something to happen outside of us, to transform our lives. Procrastination, and sometimes resignation, plagues our ability to take steps to create a future and life or our making.  

In this talk the speaker covers explores what it means to take ‘responsibility’; and how responsibility is linked to mental (and emotional) wellness; and how our ability to confront our difficulties leads to our self-development and growth. We then explore some tools self-growth. 

The talk is derived from learnings gained by the author over years of a search for meaning and purpose — through experience of learning from various masters - via books, talks, or personal interactions. 

In this talk the author talks about: 

  • Scott M. Peck — a leading psychiatrist in US and author of the bestseller “Road Less Travelled” 
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev — a living spiritual master and mystic of our times 
  • Steven Covey — a management guru and author of bestseller “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  • and a few more authors and thinkers

The author promises to nudge developers and managers present at the Drupalcon Asia into an introspective mode. 

Why is this talk relevant for Drupalcon Asia?
The talk is relevant for people across age, cultures, religions & gender. Attendees of Drupalcon Asia are as human as anyone else out there. :)

Who Should Attend This?

  • Anyone who is focused on self development
  • Anyone who is feeling a little lost in life, or feeling trapped in situations
  • Developers, Managers, Entrepreneurs

Why Should You Attend This?

  • To learn what it means to take responsibility
  • Understand how responsibility is linked to long-term mental & emotional health
  • Get it that our ability to confront our difficulties leads to growth
  • To learn about tools you can use to grow
  • To understand how discipline is essential for it all


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