Improved development process with better QA approach


We want to share our professional experience from some large scale Drupal projects as part of the FFW QA team - How we can improve the whole development process with a better QA approach!

We won't be focused only on one technique or tool, we are going to talk about all needed techniques and tools for one big project to be successful (e.g. automated tests, FE evaluation tools, test documentation tools and etc.). Also where is the place of the QA team in the whole flow and how important they could be.

The main topics will be real-life based examples and lessons learned the hard way.

Last but not least - what are the Drupal QA specifics and how to become more efficient as a tester in the wild Drupal world.

In addition, we are also going to provide a short demo of the following working together:

  • Written test cases on TestLink (Open Source) and Zephyr
  • Automated test cases with Behat, Mink, Selenium and Drupal Extension
  • Front-end evaluation with
  • and more...

And the result will be one successful friendship between the developers and testers based on bidirectional trust and reliability. 

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