Integrating Big Data, Open Data and Analytics on Drupal sites


The advent of Big data, and the expectations of "Open Data", have increased the load on web portals, especially for Government and Non- Profits. Besides, this data is expected not just as data, but nees to be presented as Charts and Maps.  With Drupal handling major web properties for Government entifies and Non-profits, it makes sense to have thes integrated into Drupal.

Managing Big Data and Open Data, requires ability to work with multiple data sources, both inside and outside enterprises.  The data may be structured or unstructured. Crowd sourced data is another key component.  Collection of such data, and storage is the first challenge; but curation of all this data requires specific processes. The processing of cleansing and transforming the data, brings out the value of the information.

Finally, this data has to be presented as attractive charts and graphs; and mapped to GIS maps; to enhance the value.

This presentation will introduce the listeners to techniques available to use Open Source technologies like MongoDB and Node.js; and other JavaScript libraries to build Open Data platforms, as well as VIsualizations and Mappings.

Based on epxeriences of building dozens of Open Data and Visualization platforms for Government and Non-profit organizations, apart from Enterprises; this talk will helps those contemplating to add Open Data, Open Government or Big Data features; as well as Visualization and Geo-mapping features to their web portals, using Drupal 7 or 8.

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