Introduction to Drupal 8 module development


Whenever there is a new major version of Drupal, you can bet that something new and cool is now a part of the core. This ability of our beloved Drupal to constantly evolve has made sure it stays relevant in a fast changing software world.

Drupal 8 has gone through a lot of changes under the hood. It has a modern feel to it with support for php 5.4+ (and hopefully PHP 7 soon, we now finally have a object oriented framework and many aspects of Symphony 2 are now part of the core. With respect to module development, many concepts and hooks which we had gotten used to over the years in Drupal have now been either completely rewritten or Symphony has replaced them. We all can do with a quick refresh on drupal module development concepts and quickly get inline with D8 methodoliogies.

This session shall attempt to do exactly that, we will go through all the important changes that will impact how you developed modules. We will see how you can write a simple module in D8 along with some new practices & conventions. The session will be a beginner level session, anybody with knowledge of Drupal (D8 or any previous versions) and Drupal modules in general can attend.

The session shall cover the following points at a high level,

  • Quick introduction about D8 and Symphony. What Symphony brings to the table ?
  • Learn about new practices and conventions.
  • Walk through of a hello world module for D8.
  • Where to find information for getting started with D8.

Session Track

Coding and Development

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