Introduction to Drupal 8 Theming


Drupal 8 is a whole new world for the enthusiatic Drupal developers. But many things have changed in Drupal 8. Adopting Symfony framework in the backend is a big leap for Drupal.

But there is also a big adoption in the front end in Drupal 8. PHP Templates are being disowned as the theme engine for the project to avoid security threats and make it more secure. Twig came in the Drupal town to save the day which is a part of the Symfony framework. Though people may think it is again a new thing and might be harder to learn but in fact it is easier to learn comparing to PHP Templates.

What we will cover in this session?

  • Twig template system.
  • How to use Twig as a template engine
  • What about the preprocess and process functions
  • Create a Drupal 8 theme from scratch.

Who should attend? 
Pretty much anyone can attend it.

In the end you will have a good understanding of how to create a Theme in Drupal 8 will be able to create one without. 


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