Lessons Learned from a Product Company


This presentation will talk about the process of creating a product/content company (Drupalize.Me) from an existing services company (Lullabot). Drupalize.Me started 5 years ago as a side project while our main business was design and development services. It has since become its own successful, full-standing business, splitting into its own company, Lullabot Education, with a team of 8 people.

In this session we will cover:

  • Products vs services: Let’s define these business models and look at the similarities and differences.
  • Lessons learned: We made a lot of mistakes and have still become a successful company. I’ll share our top 3 mistakes and how I’d approach them differently in the future.
  • Tools and processes: I’ll review the tools and processes we have in place to support our business, also looking at the challenges we are addressing with each.

Who is this session for?
This is for everyone interested in different business models, and specifically working with a product. You might be thinking of starting your own business, or ways to expand your existing company. This is a place to learn from the experiences of one business’ journey.

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