The ever expanding educational technology landscape is opening up an interesting role for open source technology companies capable of deploying Adaptive Web Mobile Social Learning infrastructures accessible across multiple channels. Over the last four years, Azri has been actively working with top-tier Business Schools and Fortune 100 companies alike solving a wide range of technology challenges in this space with Drupal as a key binding framework.

The session will discuss the inherent advantages of Drupal as the glue that binds together various tools, technologies and platforms due to a range of advantages it's architecture and framework present, in meeting the aforesaid challenges.

Topics that will be covered during the session are how Drupal amplifies:

* Social Learning Environments & Learner Communities
* Personalization with recommendations, actionable insights (ex: Gap Analysis)
* Gamification Techniques
* Data Management Strategies and Rules
* Visual Analytics & Reporting (Granular and as relevant to Learner, Instructor, Manager)
* Learning Record Stores & the Experience API (TinCanAPI)
* Adaptive Learning Content Delivery
* Asynchronous and asynchronous delivery modes
* Delivering Learning Content via Drupal to Mobile Devices
* Integration with various LMS platforms
* Hybrid MOOCs

The goal would be to share insights on how we are leveraging the power of Drupal to enable deployment of Learning Infrastructures, and inherent challenges, stakeholder engagement, wish lists and problem statements (enabling learning in remote sub-Saharan Africa or conflict ridden regions, how do we enable integrate feedback and generate real time insights from multichannel learning experiences).

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