Lightening Critiques - Design and Usability


Stripping away the pretentious nature of design, Jason Mark will provide accessible, real-world advice to improve the visual design and usability of your projects. This popular session has been given across America and includes live critiques of your projects form an industry expert with over 20 years experience, focusing on clear steps to make your design more successful.

Watch as creative lead Jason Mark, co-founder of Gravity Switch, critiques projects submitted by conference attendees. This isn't just a list of design rules, but instead a chance to see design rules articulated and applied in real-time with real-world examples. Accessible to seasoned designers as well as design newcomers, the talk will highlight elements of great design. Does your project stack up? Bring your work and an open mind as well as your personal branding challenges. There will be a designer standing by to redesign an audience project on the spot. Past companies (ranging from small magazines and sole proprieters to large companies such as HTC) have taken the designs from this session and released them. 

Whatever your level is, I can make your design more successful in 5 minutes. 

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