A LinkedIn Application that lets you create your team. Plethora of Drupal to learn and explore.


We have recently created a web app which allows users of LinkedIn to be able to create their own dream teams.

This app was developed to promote the partnership between HCL & Manchester United football club. The idea is to allow users to login via their LinkedIn account and nominate from their connections to make dream teams for specific purposes. And then eventually they will all be able to see the dream team / leaderboard with people who are being nominated the most for specific football positions coming up.


  1. Real time search in connections - text based. We used IBM’s Instant Search plugin and customized it for our needs.

  2. Bubbles Display of positions when selecting connections - good UX

  3. Real Time Preview of Contracts - good UX

  4. Dynamic Contract Images

  5. Dynamic Team Images

  6. Leaderboard that is different in logic

At the end, we got to learn a lot of things from web applications perspective and we feel that the community will have a good take away from the small implementations that we did.

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