: How Drupal is helping to run a social network for 20 years and reach 1.3 million readers


Created in 1996, is the oldest devnagari site and community that reaches 1.3 million readers worldwide. Most importantly it is on Drupal. Drupal has been significant part for its success which started as one person home page. It is one of the largest organic group implementation in an indian language.

An online game running on the site  is continously played 24x7 for last 20 years. And it is in drupal.

It is one thing to create a website. But it is another to maintain it and run successfully for 20 years.  Running a publication on drupal and scaling it for last 20 years has its own challanges and has rarely been discussed/shared.

Running an Indian language website has its own challanges. Maayboli's success has inspired many to create more marathi language websites on Drupal.

-What features of Drupal were important for its success.

- How it was implemented

- Scaling for years not just readers.

 -Scaling for moderators/volunteers

-Lessons learned.

Maayboli means "mother tongue" in the indian language marathi, the official language of Maharashtra state where Mumbai is. It is symbolically very fitting there is a session for the oldest and most successful drupal site related to Marathi, for a Drupacon in Mumbai.

Presenter: Ajay Gallewale (Founder

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