Manage your code with GIT, a beginners introduction.


GIT is currently source code management tool of choice. It is capable of handling small as well as large projects, easy to use, distributed source code management tool. Being distributed, its biggest advantage is, there is no single point of failure and available offline.

This session is supposed to introduce GIT to Absolute beginners and later will continue to some intermediate topics. Planned topics are:

  1. Introduction: What is GIT and how it can help us.
  2. Short history of SCM (Local, central and distributed)
  3. Advantage of distributed source code management tool (Git)
  4. Creating project (Initialize locally and cloning)
  5. Git concepts; untracked, staged, committed files.
  6. Git remotes; pull and push
  7. Undo (Undo commit, undo stage etc)
  8. Git branches, merge, tags and short introduction of semantic versioning (
  9. Git stash (Preserving incomplete work)
  10. Logs and looking difference.

Target audience for this session is Git beginners with no or limited Git knowledge. However along with other proposed ‘Mastering GIT; internals and workflows’ session, I will also cover advanced Git topics, Git workflows and internals. Please check that proposed session for Git advanced topic details.

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Coding and Development

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