Building Hyper-personalized Digital Experiences (HDX) is no longer rocket science with Drupal. This session demonstrates techniques to build true HDX using Drupal Marketing Automation Software - "Automatr" which is leading the way as the first full featured marketing automation tool built for Drupal.

This is not a high-level overview session. We’ll get right down in the code and show you exactly how you can leverage this exciting new technology in your Drupal projects. We’ll show you how to use data that is stored in your marketing automation platform to build personalized experiences for your site visitors.

Since 2012, Azri and Volacci have been building a wide range of personalization features to leverage Drupal's inherent strengths to create system-level as well as page-level personalization. We will demonstrate how to achieve seamless integration with features from Volacci Automatr like Segments, Lists, Custom Attributes, Alerts and Reports. And, delve into deeper integration with Drupal’s native features like Rules, Webforms and Tokens, implemented in the Drupal Automatr module.

In specific, we will discuss how Drupal coders can leverage various related modules and sub-modules to:

* Gather more personalization related data points by creating custom fields and lists using an easy interface in Drupal.
* Create and Manage contact lists
* Use the administrator interface to map the fields from a Drupal User's account and Profile2 module to the various fields in Automatr.
* Create adaptive content based on the data from Automatr via Rules and Actions. So, one could create a rules such as “If the user is from state of Texas, has visited my product page and spent more than 3 minutes on my site, then send him a mail.”
* Explore how to use Automatr information as tokens in Drupal.
* Understand and leverage Akamai's Edge Side Includes (ESI) sub-module, which is key to ensuring scalable, performance friendly hyper-personalized experiences
* See how Varnish supports ESI tags and returns relevant pages to browsers with personalized content in specific sections of a page.

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Coding and Development

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