Marketing Automation in Drupal 8


The Web changed our lifes and we had to adapt to how the web works. Now the web is starting to evolve and to adapt to the way we live our lifes.

We visit every day several social networks, e-commerce sites, online newspapers, video, audio and other media sites from different devices.

Companies need different platforms to provide the infrastructure needed to develop their business, ERPs, CRMs, brochure websites, online shops, etc. In many cases those platforms are simply linked between each other but not connected. The data is isolated so the company has not any chance to relate information from one platform to another, offering to the customer a poor experience.

Using different marketing automation techniques, companies will be able to identify the visitors in every plafform and determine what time of content provide to them, depending on different factors like location, interests, customer subscriptions for example.

Thanks to the new architecture in Drupal 8, it is really easy to implement a marketing automation platform using interconnected microservices. I will explain it further in this session and provide interesting use cases where it can be implemented.

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