Mastering Asynchronous JavaScript with ES6 Promises


Callbacks aren't good enough. They're not maintainable. They don't scale.

It's 2016. You can do better. This talk will show you how.

We'll dive into the past, the present, and the future of asynchronous JavaScript, including:

  • Finding ourselves in Callback Hell.
  • Flattening the asynchronous Pyramid of Doom with ES6 Promises.
  • Recognizing and improving on a good idea with ES7 as async / await.
  • Using ES7 today with Babel.

With an emphasis on real-world examples and live coding, you'll see how Promises are influencing Web APIs like Fetch, Service Workers, and Push, and you'll leave with practical skills that allow you to accomplish complex tasks with greater clarity and fewer lines of code.

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