Mastering GIT; internals and workflows


GIT is currently source code management tool of choice. It is capable of handling small as well as large projects, easy to use, distributed source code management tool. Being distributed, its biggest advantage is, there is no single point of failure and available offline.

Earlier session ‘ Manage your code with Git, a beginners introduction’ introduced audience about Git basics.

This session, targeting advanced audience will cover following three points in details:

  1. Git workflow:
    There are few different possible workflows possible with Git. In first part of session, we will go through introduction of few workflows and most popularly used Git-flow workflow in details
  2. Installing and using Gitlab:
    There are free and paid Git services available like Github, bitbucket etc. However there organizations which want their code to be hosted in-house or on server under their direct control. For such organizations, second part will introduce GitLab CE, an open source Git server management tool. This part will cover installation and using GitLab community edition. (Will also cover couple of slides for other possible solution like Gogs, Gitorious)
  3. Third and last part will introduce users about Git Internals. How Git save the files internally. Then what .git folder at project root contains and how things are organized there.

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Coding and Development

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