Migrate a Blogspot Blog (XML Data) to D8


Migrate API is in D8 core, but does not support Migrations from XML out of the box. XML is quite generic form of data export and is used by many sites / systems. For example Wordpress, Tumblr, Movable Type (Typepad) and many other systems allows their content to be exported to XML format.

We would be taking an example of a Blogspot Blog, exported in XML, and migrate it onto Drupal 8. We would be assuming that the user has already done the site building and is migrating data from XML to the site.


About the speakers

Amit Goyal:
Amit is the brain behind this migration script. He has already build a module to migrate a Self hosted Wordpress site to Drupal 8 (https://github.com/amitgoyal/d8_migrate_wordpress) and has nice blog post on it (https://dev.acquia.com/blog/wordpress-drupal-8-migration). This session is an extension of the Wordpress migration that was started about an year back.

Vaibhav Jain:
I have been into Drupal for more than 5 years now, and have been part of few migration projects. Infact, my very first Drupal project was a migration from another blogging platform to Drupal 6. Also, I have been mentor at many Code sprints, been speaker / organizer at Drupal camps, Mentored Drupal sprint weekends, Hosted Drupal Trivia and also been a Trainer at Global Drupal training day.

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