Mistakes while adopting agile


“But we do daily stand ups. We’re Agile.” - is it true or a perception ?

Agile - This seems to be a buzzword nowadays!

Today if we ask a question, “should we adopt Agile”, most of the team members would answer with a resounding “yes” or they would say are already agile. But to implement the same and to make it a success, there are many changes a team has to make within its culture, processes and leadership expectations.

Agile way of working brings in new thoughts, new way to look at regular delivery artifacts. This impacts the mindset of entire organisation. To adopt Agile is a very strategic decision that an organisation takes.

Typically in the first few sprint cycles it has been seen that organisations do not succeed due to various mistakes they make while struggling to adopt Agile.

The aim of this session is to discuss various common mistakes that teams make, which leads to failure.

Take aways from this session:

  • Understand top few common mistakes teams do while adopting Agile.
  • Preventive measures for such mistakes to make Agile based project delivery successful, right first time.
  • Get educated, so as to enable teams to take right decisions while implementing Agile.

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