Multilingual for Drupal 8


Multilingual websites are Cost Effective Marketing Tool which attracts new customers and overcomes potential cultural barriers through allowing access in a native language and overcome 'cultural comfort zone'.

What is new in Drupal8 Multilingual?

This session will take you through the new features of multilingual in Drupal 8 over Drupal 7 and its benefits.

Drupal 8 multilingual is a world of difference. What would take 22 or more modules in Drupal 7 you would do with 4 (and all in core).

Topics to be covered :

  • Drupal 8 Multilingual Overview
  • Installing Drupal 8 and configure the core multilingual module
  • Configuration language and translation¬†

Target audience :

This session is targeted at new drupal developers and site builders as well as more experienced drupalers who haven't built multilingual sites in drupal.

Session Track

Site Building

Experience Level


Drupal Version