My agile transformation journey


In this talk the author shares his journey of the transformation of his company — of lifting his company out of doldrums in 2010 to a highly profitable and rapidly growing software services firm focused on Drupal — using Agile principles.

The talk designed for entrepreneurs, CXOs and Sr. Managers who are dabbling with questions of agile delivery, culture, profitability, and sustainability of their businesses will learn tremendously with this insightful session replete with candid sharing by a co-entrepreneur.

The author’s story of his struggles, mistakes, search for growth, serendipitous events, learnings from agile and business coaches, determined action leading to a healthy growing company has been greatly appreciated and rated highly ay several Agile conferences and Drupalcamps across several cities in India, Singapore & London.

The talk is replete with ideas, insights and solutions to difficulties in selling agile contracts

The author promises to leave the audience inspired and with tools to transform their own companies.

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