a new romance: Drupal and Docker


Work on your Drupal site on your laptop, then move the whole thing somewhere else, e.g. to the cloud. Simple.

This presentation, to be delivered by a Drupal Sysadmin who - believe it or not - is not an introvert and actually likes people, will show you:

  • what docker is and why you want to use it,
  • how easy it is to start.

You might learn a few cool things you will love, e.g.

  • how to commit the state of your whole Drupal site, including the database (!), before updating your code, a module or the core. In case something goes wrong, simply roll back with one command,
  • how to develop on your laptop, running the same LAMP stack you have in production, without actually installing the stack,
  • how to start multiple instances of your site under one second,
  • how to copy the whole Drupal site you are running on your laptop to your server,
  • how to spin up a solr or elasticsearch server in no time and use it from your Drupal site,
  • and a few more, hopefully.

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Coding and Development

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