Not so geeky D8: Perspective of a site-builder



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These terminologies might seem familiar to developers but might seem too nerdy for some site builders. We all agree that Drupal 8 is built with these proven technologies under the hood which makes it not just a great framework for developers but also makes site building more fun and rewarding.

The focus of this session would be site building aspects of Drupal 8 which come out of the box and by the end of this session participants would realise that site building with Drupal 8 is fun and rewarding indeed :)


  • Change in file structure and key modules added and removed from core

  • Better customization options: We will see how we can customize front page using just core modules like views(yes views is in core) and blocks

  • Inline editing: Inline editing was pain in Drupal 7, though there were modules which provided the feature of inline editing but it was never perfect. Inline editing in Drupal 8 makes life of content editors a ease. We will check how this problem has been solved in Drupal 8

  • Responsive UI

  • Blocks: Blocks have had a major overhaul in terms of architecture. Just like content types we can now add fields in blocks and apart from this there is lot more awesomeness which we will cover this in part

  • Configuration Management: Features modules solved configuration management in Drupal 7 and it was one of best options available in Drupal 7 to extract configuration changes in database and create modules out of those configuration which would be deployed. Configuration Management in core takes this to another level and we will check how this problem has been solved in Drupal 8.

  • RestFul Web Services:¬†Using the new Rest & Serialization APIs, Site Builders will be able to output serialized data as JSON and XML from Drupal, almost as easily as they can normal HTML output.


This session is open for all. This would benefit everyone who wants to learn the site building aspects of Drupal 8


This session was presented at Drupal Camp Delhi 2014 and Drupal Camp London 2015

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