Everyone can contribute-Hurray!!

neetu morwani

Drupal is an Open source CMS and as we all are aware of the tagline - 'We come for the Software and stay for community'. How many actually contribute back to the software and community?

This session aims at encouraging your team to support and contribute back to the code.

There are questions in everybody's mind before they start contributing and see the real value of it.

  1. At the bottom of the heart, there lies an EGOTIST, which asks for 'What is in it for me'  and here arises the first question.
    Why you should contribute?
  2. After convincing everybody to contribute, there lies the second challenge.
    Who can contribute? Every organisation has two sets of people - Technical and Non-technical. Are there ways to involve non-technical people in Drupal contributions? 
  3. Yes, Everyone can contribute irrespective of their educational background.Now lies the biggest challenge -How can we contribute?

In this session we will be discussing all the above questions and their best possible answers. We look forward to have a quick healthy discussion to discover some new ways to help the community.

Ultimately, Strength lies in the team effort.



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