Passion Driven Development


Passion Driven Development, I heard this term a year ago (Yes its not my discovery) and i was simply mad about it. This session is not about ways to contribute or building a contribution culture. Drupal Contribution is all about passion driven development. I have been teaching this to entire Mumbai community and all the organizations i have worked with directly and indirectly. While, this is true for all open source projects but i have largely practices this while working on Drupal and with Drupal Community.


So what is Passion Driven Development ? - It refers to a passion one develops while working in a community centric open source project like Drupal. You feel really great when your few hundred lines of code is being used by millions. You feel great to be the part of such development and it gives you a sense of pride, ownership and gratitude. It has been seen that those whoa re involved in open source community projects are more satisfied at their workplace , are more innovative and enjoy more respect. In this session i will talk about different aspects of passion driven development - 

  • The science behind passion driven development 
  • Life cycle of passion driven development 
  • How can an individual benifit from PDD.
  • How can an organization benifit from PDD.
  • Examples from Drupal ecosystem 
  • How passion driven developemnt makes you more innovative 
  • How contribution leads to self development 


Who should attend this session - 

  • This session is specially designed to influence individual and organizations.
  • I would encourage new community members, mid managers and business owners to attend this.
  • Anyone who want's to see the magic of community contribution.


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