Personalize your online appearance


In any industry, it is critical to provide personalization experiences to customers, suppliers and partners and in recent times it has become the need of the hour. In search for a solution we landed to Demandbase. The Demandbase platform provides superior personalization using Demandbase Real Time Identification Services. 

Demandbase Real Time Identification Services provides visitor's profile information like location, industry, organization, etc to create a targeted visitor experience. Specifically, images, content, links or navigation can be customized based on relevant information from Demandbase based on the visitor's company.

With Demandbase you can do various things to your site like

  1. Displaying relevant information to end user like personalizing web pages according to industry / location of user.
  2. Fill out forms automatically specifically to end user

What this session will contain

  1. What is Personalization
  2. What is the ideal approach if you have reverse proxy enabled
  3. What is Demandbase
  4. Server & Client side implementation
  5. Personalization Demo according to user industry / location / company
  6. Future of personalization


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