PHP-FIG: A part of a balanced PHP diet


The PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG) is 6 years old now.  Never heard of it?  That's too bad, because it's helping to change the face of the PHP universe.

FIG is PHP's very own standards body, or United Nations of a sort.  It's goal is to improve collaboration, compatibility, and interoperability between PHP projects large and small.  Ever wondered why you don't have to think about autoloading anymore? That's FIG's doing. A common way to do logging for any project?  FIG's doing.  A standard abstraction for HTTP messages?  Yep, FIG.

This session will discuss this history of FIG, how it operates, and how developers are benefiting from its work.  It will also explain how everyone, not just big projects, can get involved.

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Coding and Development

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