Portable development environment with Drupal and Virtualization


The Drupal application infrastructure is getting increasingly complicated. With so many layers like reverse-proxy, memcache, webserver, opcache, database, network file system. Its very difficult to set up local development environment which behaves exactly like the production. Portable development environment like vagrant and docker is the solution.

Key items of the session will be:

  • Introduction to vagrant and ansible
  • Customizing it for DrupalDrupalVM
  • Integration with TravisCI
  • Demo of an environment
  • Introduction to docker
  • Demo of docker
  • Integrating all your development tools like XDebug and XHprof with the environment.

Who should attend this:

  • Developers
  • Site Builders
  • Drupal enthusiasts and professionals


  • Familiarity with Drupal development, D7 preferably D8

Session Track

Coding and Development

Experience Level


Drupal Version