Possibilities with total continous integration testing: The next step with Jenkins


The real challenge in today's world when it comes to testing is not the lack of skill but the lack of time. It often becomes  tedious to manage all different tests and running them when required. More diffiuclt is maintaining the reports history - such that fetching an old report is not a time-taking task. Have you ever wanted coding standards check triggered at every code commit followed by security and regression tests to show if the latest code didn't have any unwanted effects? Well, its easy - that's what we are going to cover

This session will cover how we can achieve the complete umbrella of tests functional and non-functional using Jenkins. We will start with configuring Drupal coding standards check followed by basic tests that can be created for performance and functional test. Security testing will also be covered. No manual intervention required and a major part of your application tested and reports emailed to your inbox. 

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