Publishing: How to make Editor’s Life Easier!


Whenever we start to work on a content publishing platform, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘How can we provide great user experience’. Today we have lot of matured frontend frameworks which can help us achieve this goal. With the combination of frameworks like Angular or MEAN stack for front end and Drupal as backend we can build great publishing platforms with exceptional user experience. But the important question is “How can we make Editor’s Job easier and better ?” which can inturn enable them to spend more time on content rather than on the platform.

In this session, we will talk about few thumb rules which will help in making the editor’s job easier while using the application and what the tools or modules need to be configured.
The key Elements are :
- Enabling editors to easily repurpose content.
- Handling Media assets - especially Images.
- Unified content dashboard with ability to track state of content from a centralised dashboard.
- Flexible Content types and Content upload widgets.
- Automating social media marketing from within the Drupal platform which will eliminate the need to use another marketing tool & removes the need for additional manpower to handle social media marketing.


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