Punching above your weight


Punching above your weight

How small and mid - sized companies can work their sales approach to win enterprise business against larger competition players


My experience has been sales in Technology and Outsourcing all throughout - globally and in India.  And most of it working with growing organizations that have matured to compete globally.


This session talks about some of these experiences, 

  • Maximizing on limited face-time opportunities with the client to convert a global win
  • Competing against global MNCs having local established presence in an alien market
  • Leveraging the web and inside sales to win global accounts


And some learnings, values and approach to business development:

  • sales is a process; sales is an art
  • taking your offering to new markets - the steps that make the difference
  • showcasing your success stories - is all about showcasing your people who created those successes
  • building a partnership - the role of culture
  • how a lion hunts - ingredients for winning enterprise business


Target audience

- Sales, Marketing, CEOs/CTOs, POs, Solution Architects, Business Analysts


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