Rapid REST API Development with Symfony


Almost all modern web applications consume third-party APIs. It is relatively easy and there is plenty of tutorials about integration with Facebook, Twitter and other popular services. However, what happens when it is our responsibility to provide someone else with an API?

Many developers still have very little knowledge about APIs and how to create them properly. In this talk I want to introduce audience to core principles of API development and show them how to implement it in under a minute.

Symfony ecosystem has some great tools, which are helpful with API development. Thanks for the framework flexibility, I was able to come up with a unique combination of these libraries and Symfony way of doing things. While working on Sylius, I created SyliusResourceBundle, which provides generic CRUD controller for your entities and is format agnostic, which means it can serve JSON, XML and HTML as response.

Talk is practice-oriented and contains many code examples and live demos.

Example tutorial is available on http://lakion.com/lionframe.


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