Raspberry Pi: Raspberry with Drupal


When we started exploring about IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS) we came to know about its exciting implementations in various fields.It can be used on a large scale with versatile real world applications.

For instance, application of Raspberry Pi in Waste management:This can be achieved by identifying and emptying bins and containers when they are close to their fill level.

Raspberry Pi has had a revolutionary change in the application of IOT because involving general public is the best way to enhance the scope of IOT and Raspberry has been able to achieve this.

Technically it can be seen as coding into real world objects.Raspberry Pi is a small computer which provides an interface to access these real world objects via our code. We are also going to discuss about future of Drupal with Raspberry Pi.

What we will discuss:

  1. Current and Future applications of IOT.

  2. General introduction to Raspberry Pi.

  3. Setting up Raspberry pie with LED monitor.(Do’s and Dont’s)

  4. Installing Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian).

  5. Troubleshooting installation of PHP on Raspberry pi.

  6. Installing Apache,PHP,MYSQL on Raspberry Pi.

  7. Installing Drupal On Raspberry Pi.

  8. Live Demo with a working application

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