Really Good Media Management in Drupal 8


Media handling in Drupal has always been a pain point for people who have migrated from other platforms. It is critical for Drupal's existence and future. When Dries was asked "What would be one feature that you would like to see in Core?", he answered "Really good media mangement". This only goes to show how important media management is.

In this session we will discuss how Drupal 8 has faciliated a new Media framework in Drupal and what is the current status in the journey towards "Really Good media management".

  1. Shortcomings for media in Drupal 7.
  2. Deciding between Scald, Media Entity, MediaBox or Asset. Why not best of all?
  3. Trilogy of Media Suite : media_entity, entity_browser and entity embed modules.
  4. How modularity in media suite helps and increases the number of options for us to choose from.
  5. Wordpress parity in media handling.
  6. Bringing it all together. A features module for Drupal media out of the box.
  7. Other modules from the media suite.

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