Replicating Drupal content with CouchDB, PouchDB,, mobile apps and more!


As part of the Google Summer of Code project this year, Abhishek Kumar built a PHP implementation of a very exciting HTTP replication protocol. With this replicator, you can bi-directionally replicate content between any system that implements the protocol, opening up new doors for very exciting integration possibilities!

In this session participants will learn how you can replicate content between Drupal 8, CouchDB, PouchDB and JS applications. If time permits, we will even show how to replicate content to and from a native mobile application!

In the second half of the session participants will learn how to install and set up the replicator to leverage it in your own projects. We will also cover how the replicator was architectured and built as a standalone Composer PHP library.

About the Presenters

Abhishek Kumar lives in India and participated in this year's Google Summer of Code project, which was his first ever interaction with the Drupal community.

Dick Olsson (aka dixon_) is a long time core contributor and author of the defacto content staging solution for Drupal 7 - the Deploy and UUID modules. Dick started his Drupal career at NodeOne (now Wunderkraut) and later went on to work for Al Jazeera Media Network as their Lead Drupal Developer. Now he's working as a Digital Engineering manager at Pfizer where he's managing a Drupal platform for over 1000 of Pfizer's websites.

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Coding and Development

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